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ООО “Spetsmashinostroenie.
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Modern building it is hard to imagine without such a necessary mechanism a lift. We are accustomed to this convenient method of transportation, but when you consider that the Elevator is one of the dangerous means of transport, it becomes clear why their installation and upgrading of on attention.

It is recognized that in residential, administrative and industrial buildings the most difficult household – elevators.

To provide reliable, uninterrupted and safe operation is our top priority. The past years have enabled us to accumulate rich experience, we successfully applied in practice. Our company performs full range of works on installation, replacement, modernization and maintenance of elevators and hoists.

We provide safe and reliable solutions – from the most complicated lift that is installed in a tall building, to simple Elevator in a residential building in compliance with the most modern technologies, advanced materials and equipment.

Installation of escalators and moving walkways – a complex and laborious process. It requires the participation of highly qualified specialists.

Turning to us, You will receive a high quality of work performed in exactly on time.